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It's a lazy afternoon, one of those early spring Saturdays when the weather's not horrible, no cold rain coming down, but the wind is blowing in fitful gusts rough enough to keep people inside.
My Master and his friend Jimmy are two such people being kept inside.  They are sitting at the kitchen table with beers, the remains of something that had a lot of cheese and tomato sauce left on their plates.  After hanging up my coat from a half day at work, I clear the plates, stacking them in the dishwasher. 
Jimmy has just been divorced, and Master had invited him over for some male bonding time to get him out of his house where he'd been moping lately.  As is usual with men, when there's a lack of woman, the talk turns to sex, and the lack of it, and Jimmy's frustrations with laying in bed alone with his hard on at night lately.  "There just comes a point, Faust, when my hand just doesn't bring satisfaction any more.  I can rub up and down until the skin falls off, and the pressure just won't let go.  It's damn painful... Hello Jada," he broke off when I entered the kitchen.  He shuffled in uncomfortable silence for  a minute or two while Master takes a long swig from his beer.
"Sounds like you could you use a good fuck, my friend," he mentions casually to Jimmy.  "Something my little Jada here is excellent at providing.  Isn't that right, my dear?"
Jimmy chokes on his beer and hastily takes a paper napkin from the holder to wipe up the table. 
"Of course, if that is what you wish, Master."  The idea has already gone straight to my loins, and I can feel the heat increasing as I sit in the chair between them.
Jimmy's eyes are round as he looks at Faust and then at me, his eyes travelling over my body without even realizing it.  His mouth hangs open speechless.
"What I wish, my little fuck slut, is for you to spread your legs so Jimmy can feel how hot and wet your cunt is through your pants," my Master says evenly, his sharp eyes intent as he watches me catch my breath on the carefully calculated words.  I feel the moisture begin to seep into my panties as I obey, spreading my legs to either side of the narrow wooden chair.
"You're serious?  You want me to fuck your girl?" Jimmy asks, his eyes going automatically to my open crotch, his fingers itching to touch it, but he can't believe what he's hearing just yet.  My Master simply smirks, and gestures with his bottle towards me, and Jimmy's hand reaches slowly to press between my legs.  He shifts in his chair so that he can lay his palm flat over my mons, then his fingers press downwards, curving in.  As soon as the pads of his fingers press the thing fabric of my dress pants against my panties, and against my entrance that they instinctively seek, the heated moisture soaks through them.  Jimmy's groan drowns my soft moan, "Oh, God.  She is hot and ready to go, isn't she?"
At the man's words, the smirk of approval from My Master made my heart pound as Jimmy became more bold, his hand massaging and probing along the center seam of my pants.  "Yes, she is," he replied smoothly, standing to walk over to the cupboard, the command in his eyes clear as he passed me.  Reaching down, I unbuttoned and unzipped the smooth, black material, and guided his friend's hand inside, encouraging it to wander the wet folds within.  That Jimmy was hot and ready to go was evident as he hitched his chair closer so that his fingers could probe under the lacy material of my panties, exploring my clit and toying around my entrance.  My head leaned back over the top of my chair and the Master stopped to lean over and plunge his tongue roughly between my parted, panting lips.  After this benediction, he tossed the condom on the table in front of us.
"I do want you to fuck my little slut," he told Jimmy, choosing the words that he knew would elicit a sudden spurt of wetness against the man's fingers, causing him to lose control and slide them inside my cunt.  The sudden penetration brought an instant jerk from my hips, pushing against the knuckles that roughly shoved their way inside.
"Oh God, man, did you see that?" Jimmy groans, suddenly jacking his fingers hard and fast in my wet hole, his other hand going to his own jeans, rubbing at his bulge.
"Of course I did," Faust's low voice purrs with approval.  "There is one condition Jimmy.  You have to fuck her right here in front of me."
  There isn't even a pause in the movement of the fingers as Jimmy starts fiddling with his belt buckle, a task that I push his hand away from so that I can free his cock from  his pants, drawing his length out with my fingers.  "Anything, man," he grunts, his long nights of frustration speaking for him, as all he can now focus on is getting his cock into an warm hot pussy.  With one last, hard jab, he removes his fingers and stands, pulling me up with him.  He starts tugging at my blouse, and this time it's my Master that steps in to help, reaching around from behind and ripping the shirt open, the buttons clattering across the kitchen table.  I lower my arms so he can slide it off, followed quickly by my bra.  No sooner are the hard nipples of my breasts are exposed, than Jimmy has his mouth fastened to them, his hands lifting my breasts, groping them with demanding, hungry fingers. 
With practiced ease, my fingers unwrap the condom, and slide it down over the throbbing cock in front of me, while my Master licks a finger and slides it down between my cheeks, swirling it around the tight pink rosebud there.  As Jimmy shifts to step out of his jeans, the finger is thrust into my tight little hole, the groan welling from my mouth impossible to quell.  The press of my Master's hard cock against my side as he uses his buried finger for leverage to pull it against me is a promise of the reward waiting if I do my part for Jimmy well.  My moans continue as he slides his finger slowly in and out, adding another one, toying with me while I tangle my fingers in his friend's hair, holding tightly to him as he switches breasts with no idea what is going on behind me. 
It seems almost an eternity in this teasing, tantalizing ecstasy that leaves me gasping for breath, but Jimmy finally raises his head, and my Master moves away, slowly withdrawing the fingers that he had plunged to their last knuckle.  He sits in the chair he had formerly occupied, and takes another nonchalant sip from his beer.  The eyes of his friend are glazed with desire, and he barely glances into mine, instead turning me around to face the table, which I bend over without hesitation, my eyes finding those of my Master as my pussy lips are held apart roughly, their slick insides beckon to the cock head that slides along them, before there's pause, and then the entire cock rams hard all the way to it's hilt.  Jimmy's groan of pleasure is echoed with my grunt at the slight discomfort that is quickly consumed with the heat of my pussy when he grasps my hips to slide out, all the way as repeats the act of full invasion, slamming me towards Faust and glittering eyes that watch my pounding with pride. 
Half a dozen times or more, Jimmy removes himself completely from my hole, before plunging in again, ramming full force each time to the hilt, as if addressing each night that he needed to plunge into a pussy separately, before he finally remains inside, and begins to rock hard, but somehow maintains his slow pace, as if determined to hold out and enjoy this fuck, because he doesn't know when he'll have another one.  Each time he pushes, my open, moaning mouth, surges towards my Master, in an unconsious invitation that he decides not to ignore.  Standing, he unbuttons his own jeans, pulling out his rock hard cock, the next time I'm pushed forward, I feel it sliding to the back of my throat, and my Master's hands to either side of my head.  "Oh, man, that is so hot," I hear behind me,as each time Jimmy pushes in, Faust pulls my head onto his cock, fucking my mouth as roughly as his friend fucks my pussy. 
"Cum for us, my little fuckslut," Master purrs.  "Cum for us, and milk every bit of Jimmy's cum with that hot little cunt of yours."
The command, and the sound of his friend's moans getting closer, and I obey joyously.  Bucking my hips hard to slam against Jimmy's cock, I start spasming, my muscles squeezing hard as Jimmy jerks into me, his cock pulsing with each load he unleashes. 
"That's my girl," I hear, a moment before the warmth of Faust's cum hits my breasts, his other hand curled hard behind head, and I hear his own release added to that of of Jimmy's, but it's the praise that rings in my ears the most as I feel the hands on my hips start to slack, and the weight of the man leaning over me on the table as he braces his palms on it.
"Oh God, man.   Your little slut is heavenly."
I went to bed late last night.  So I slept through his leaving in the morning.
I was still sleeping when he returned.

I was hardly aware of the shift of my blankets, giving them a slighly irritated tug as he crawled underneath them.
I was laying on my side, as he pulled off my pj bottoms and panties, he flipped me onto my stomach.  He started with his fingers searching for my clit while he kissed my rear and then he pulled me up on my side while his tongue ran down the crease of my hip. 
Then it was back to my stomach.  His fingers were playing everywhere, slipping inside me, then toying with my clit.  His tongue followed along in their wake. 
Finally, he lifted my hips, and he drove his cock into me.  After a few thrusts when he was deeply seated in me, he leaned forward so that he was pushing almost painfully on my front wall as he put his weight on my back.  Then I heard his voice in my ear, saying the first words he'd said to me all morning.
"Is this what you wanted?"
And he drove hard against the front of my pussy.
I gasped and then cried out, "Yes!  Oh, God, yes!"
Satisfied with the answer, he rose to his knees behind me, and began fucking me in a smooth rhythm.   I wrapped my arms around the pillow and squeezed as he drove the moans out of my mouth.  Sometimes his hands were gripping my waist, pulling me back hard as he thrust forwards.  Other times they were at my ass, squeezing the firmness of my cheeks.
The sensations already awakened with his earlier playing with my clit were further pushed along as his balls rode forward against me.  I began to quiver, biting my lip to hold on and not come before him.  
His hands ran over my back, then they gripped tightly, and his hips bucked forward against my ass as he drove hard and fast into his own climax.  His moans echoed over my head as I shuddered uncontrollably, pulling on the seed he was spilling inside me.
He froze at that moment, at the apex of his enjoyment, holding me impaled on his cock.
Then, with a sigh of satisfaction, he withdrew.
The covers were pulled back over me and I was alone in the bed once more.
The lights from the pool shine up through the water, illuminating the darkness above it.  While above ground, swinging lanterns cast their own shadows across the people sitting or talking in groups.  A softly pounding music undercuts the voices, urging some to dance, with couples or groups grinding with their drinks held out to the side.  Among the partiers, I mingle my way, taking note of couples and single men, replacing my empty glass on the bar next to the decimated remains of what was a barbecue in the early evening hours.  Looking over the crowd, I spot Master at the end of the pool, leaning his hip against a fence with one leg raised on it as he leans casually, talking to the couple in front of him.

I return to his side, the black beaded collar around my neck matches well with the black lace along the v-neck line of my maroon camisole.
He talks with a couple of buddies, the long neck of a cold bottle of beer dangling loosely in his fingers.  Without having to look, he reaches his other hand out, starting at the v the back of his fingers trail lightly up to my neck, then trace my collar to the side before curling underneath it and pulling me towards him.  Pausing in his conversation, he bends his head down to kiss me passionately, his tongue claiming my mouth as he raises the cold bottle against my cheek, causing me to shiver in a combination response to his mouth and the cold.  "It's time, My Sweeting," he rumbles.  "Choose three."

With a nod and a smile, I take a sip from the bottle he tips into my mouth, and then move off again through the crowd. 
There's a dark haired Korean man, with hair that curls slightly, and narrow dark eyes.  His tan hints at time spent out of doors, as does his figure.  I tap him on the shoulder, and invite him to follow me.  With a gaze of mild curiosity, he does so.
Next is a scruffy sandy blonde with longish hair and two day fuzz on his jawline.  He turns his green eyes to me when I tap him on the shoulder, exchanges a glance with the Korean, then with a shrug, he follows along as well.
Finally, I choose a tall man of brown hair and piercing blue eyes, who has been quiet most of the evening, relaxing on a chaise.  Reaching out my hand I pull him to his feet, and then turn towards the pool house where I can see my Master's back as he is already entering, holding the door open for the four of us.

Inside the pool house is a sitting area, chairs and a sofa grouped around a coffee table near a fireplace that has already been lit by a flick of a button on the remote in Master's hands.  That same remote has also drawn the shades down on the full length windows that face the pool and the other guests.  He's made himself comfortable on a bar stool in corner, leaning an elbow on the  small bar back there that hasn't been used tonight in favor of the larger one out by the barbecue.
The three men glance curiously at the man in the corner, and then back at me as I bid them to take seat wherever they feel comfortable.

Blondie and Mr. Blue Eyes take two of the arm chairs for themselves, while the tanned one sits in the middle of the couch, resting his arms along the back of it to either side of his shoulders.  As the seat themselves, I walk over to my Master, trailing my fingers along his chest as I whisper in his ear.  Then I nibble the side of his neck as he stands before returning my attention to the three seated men.
I take the cold beer that Master has already uncapped and set on the bar, and walk over to Blondie.  Sitting on the arm of his chair, I had him the beer with one hand, while the other takes his hand that he hangs over the back of the chair to guide it to the inside of my thigh.
I've decided not to use words tonight.
At least, not yet.
I find the silence to be more arousing as I lean down to nuzzle his neck, taking his ear in my teeth as I breathe hotly into it.  His breath catches and he twitches his fingers, wanting to move them further.  In answer, I spread my legs a little more, the invitation plain.  He gives a groan, flicking his eyes towards my Master, which I quickly intercept with a finger to his chin, turning his eyes towards mine and shaking my head slightly.  Then I'm covering his lips with my own, my tongue boldly stabbing against his lips as I seek to awaken his arousal.  He meets my tonue eagerly, and slides his fingers the rest of the way up between my legs, giving a gasp of surprise to find nothing between his seeking fingers and my hot wet slit.  He strokes the length of it, toying with my clit, and then slowly shoving one long finger in deep, casing me to quiver and moan against his lips.  Then I sit up, bracing my hands on the arms of the chair as I spread my legs wider, so that he can pump his finger harder, his actions obvious to the other two seated men in the room as he takes a sip of his beer.  Then I slide backwards off his finger, and come around to stand in front of him.  Taking his beer, I guide his hands around to the button and zipper that hold my skirt in place in unspoken command.  Leaning forward, he reaches around me, eager enough to comply, and releases my skirt, letting it fall to me feet.  He kisses the patch of hair directly in front of his face now, while I reach down his back to pull up on his shirt.  He lets me pull it over his head without protest, and I hand him back his bottle, backing off with a smile that echoes his smirk as he sits back to lick his fingers.
Walking over to the bar, I pick up the second of the three drinks that my Master has prepared, his fingers trail along my arm as I pick it up, his eyes gleaming.
Mr. Blue eyes is second, and I sit in his lap, handing over the martini for him to sip as he looks me over.  His free hand I guide to the white skin between the black lace, urging it underneath to the already hardening bud.  He follows my lead easily, teasing the nipple between his fingers as I lean back over the arm holding the martini.  The subtle arching of my back tips the swells of my cleavage upwards, and soon he his withdrawing his hand enough to push the silky material aside and lowering his mouth to my breast.  He starts with kisses, but with my hands in his hair, holding his head to my breast, he's soon nibbling and sucking on it greedily.   In the quiet of the room, the moist, slurping noises are clearly audible to the others, as are the moans of pleasure in my throat.  Then I'm straightening, taking his drink to set it on the coffee table as I guide his hand to the hemline of my camisole.  He pulls it over my head, his hands lifting to cup both of my breasts and massage them, while I unbutton and push his shirt over his shoulders.  Then I hand him back his martini and back away. 
Returning to the bar for the third drink, I walk behind the couch and hand him his tumbler with ice as I lean down to his shoulder, my lips hot on his neck and earlobe.  Sliding my hands down his chest and the hard stomach I can feel through his long sleeved t-shirt, I culr my fingers around the hem, and pull it up.  He smiles, letting me take the shirt, then he watches as I walk around in front of him.  Without saying anything, or any further contact with him, I unbuttong his jeans, unzip, then look at him as I take a hold of the waistband and everything underneath.  With a smirk, he lifts his hips and takes a hit from his tumbler.  As soon as I have him naked, my fingers trail up the already hard cock, that's sprung to attention as soon as it was freed.  Tugging at his knees slightly, I pull that hardened member towards me, and then put my knees on either side of him on the couch.  Placing my hands to either side of his head, I glance over to meet my Master's eyes as I lower myself onto his cock.  Then I turn my attention back to the man at hand as my flowing juices lubricate him easily so that I can settle myself deeply, with his cock tickling  right up against my cervix.
The protesting moans from the other two gentlemen earn the strict glares over my shoulder, and I begin to ride the shaft I've chosen for my pussy.  It isn't long before the man leans forward, reaching around me to put his glass on the coffee table, and then cup my rear with his hands, squeezing as guides me a little in my ride.
I look towards Blondie, and give a pointed look to the bulge he's rubbing through his pants.
He stands, shucks off his shorts, and then, at my gesture, he walks around behind the couch.  Leaning over my bronze Adonis with the fucking cock that's still pounding in and out of my pussy, I reach out a hand to pull the blonde's shaft to my mouth.  Beginning with a few licks, and nibbles, i wait until his groans are begging, and then I suck on him.  At fhe first suck, his hands go instantly to the sides of my head, and he begins to fuck my mouth.
Even though I can no longer turn my head to give the order, I reach one hand in the direction of Mr. Blue Eyes.  Curling one finger to beckon to him, I reach both hands behind me, rubbing the back of my thighs up towards my ass.  My fingers swrl in the mingled juices and sweat between my legs, then trail up to massage and lubricate around the edges of the little, pink hole that is left unfilled so far.  No sooner have my fingers parted my cheeks to reveal the entrance, then I feel the head of his cock, slick with precum adding more lubrication as he begins to work his way in.
The heavy breathing that has been filling the room is suddenly joined by the piercing moan of joy from my lips that makes its way around the cock filling it.   My moans of pleasure as the three cocks pound away are soon joined by the grunts and groans from the men as they work their shafts, their hands grasping me roughly as they strain for release.  It's a release that I will give them soon, as Blondie goes first.  His cum spurts deep into my mouth, gliding down my throat as I swallow in hungry gulps.  He lets go of my head to graps the couch to support his shaking legs as I pull every last bit of him into my mouth.  Then I'm shaking, quivering between the two men who have sandwiched me between them.  My spasms start to jerk hard on their cocks, and they stiffen, rocking their hips as they jet their thick come into my hot warmth.  I hear their groans in stereo as I buck hard, my own ecstasy pouring out of my mouth.
When it's done, I collapse, worn out and shaking.
I'm only dimly aware of the men finally pulling out and leaving me face down on the couch.
As the sweat is starting to cool on my body, I feel the gentle hands of my Master wrapping around my hips and pulling my ass into the air.  He leans over my back, smoothing my hair back from my face.  "You have done well, sweeting," he murmurs, full of pride. "You have pleased your Master well."
As he speaks, I can feel the shaft that I'm sure has been hard all night rubbing gently up and down my crack.  Then he leans back, grips my hips with both his hands, and plunges his cock deep into my ass.  I moan eagerly as he begins to pump hard, spending the pent up arousal inside me.  I smile joyfully as I hear him groaning over me, his own come splashing into me before he withdraws.  Then covers me with a blanket while he goes to shower.
So yeah... what if Young Faust lived next door?

I thought of this as I was getting ready for the shower last night, and realized how different the view can out the window in winter...

There's a great, great maple tree outside the window of my apartment.
I live on the second floor of one of those big old houses that was in the posh part of town.  Until the factory was built between the house and the river, blocking it's view of the river, and offering the noises of machinery and shouts of workers going to and from their cars at all shifts.
So. the street is lined with these magestic trees, that offer shade to keep the houses cool in summer, a riot of color in the fall, and, as I was about to find out, a clear in view in winter. 
I had opened the shades earlier in the day for the sun, and one of them was annoying the heck out of me tonight.  It's one of those old fashioned roll up shades, that sometimes work, and sometimes don't.  So, I was through fiddling with it.  

I went into the bathroom, turned on the shower, when I realized I'd left the new shampoo and conditioner I'd bought in the bed room with the rest of the bags.  I opened the door and walked out to my bedroom, which incidentally had a stuck bedroom shade, too.

When one lives alone, they rarely think twice about walking around naked. 
After a bit of searching through the various bags from the day's shopping spree, I finally found my toiletries, and headed back towards the bathroom, when I heard my cell phone ringing.  Pausing, I picked it up, "Hello?"
"Hey, Jada," the familiar voice of my neighbor greeted over the line.
"Faust, what's up?  I'm sorry I can't talk long, but I was getting ready to take a shower."
"I know," he replies.  "That's actually why I'm calling.  I just thought I'd let you know that now that there are not leaves on the tree, I can see into your apartment."

I froze at his words.  My first instinct was to start stuttering an apology to him.  Why?  Who knows.
But he interrupted the apology with a chuckle.  "I'm not offended.  I just thought you might want to know that you were putting on a show."
The sound of his chuckle not only calmed me, there was something so low and intimate in that sound that it sent a thrill down my back.  I paused, setting the bottles down carefully, and turned fully towards the window.
"Are you enjoying the show?" I asked casually, walking towards the living room window.
There's a surprised inhalation of breath on the other side of the line, and then silence.  Finally, "I am," he admits.
I exhale the breath I didn't know I was holding as I raised my hand along my side, lifting my breast.  I couldn't tell which of the unlit windows next door he was sitting at, but I knew he was there, and as I began to massage my breast, and play with the nipple, I could hear his breath becoming increasingly raspy on the other end. 
"How about now?" I ask, as I sit on the arm of the couch, placing my feet on the low windowsill.
"Oh, yes," he replies instantly.  There's a pause before he says, "I'd enjoy it even more if you spread your legs."
"Like this?" And I spread my knees wide apart, revealing the pink of my bare slit.  I can hear him starting to breathe heavier.  
I imagine him stroking his cock as he watches, there in the dark.
I click the speaker[hone on my cell, and set it on the back of the couch beside me.
My hand that was holding the phone reaches down to spread my lips, revealing the empty hole, as my other hand switches to tease the other nipple.  I begin to moan as my breasts heat up, the nipples hard little spikes between my fingers.  The moan is echoed by a deeper make groan next to me "yeeeees."
"You like that?" I ask.  "Would you like to have me put my fingers inside my pussy for you?"  As if my own words wake me up, I blush, and start to close my legs.. what am I thinking?
"Don't close your legs," I hear his panting command on the couch next to me.  "Put your fingers in your pussy, I would like that very much."
The disembodied voice is hypnotic, and I obey, parting my legs again, my finger stealing down into the wet juices that coat my slit, and into the hole that waits hungrily to be filled.  First one, then two fingers slide in.
"That's goooooood," he breathes, and I can hear the unmistakable rustle of a hand rubbing up and down on a cock.  
The knowledge that he's getting off watching me is heady indeed, and in that moment I begin to revel in the sex of my body.  From that moment, I begin to pleasure myself, using my own pleasure as a torment to the man watching across of ten yards of tree limb patterned thin air.
As I begin to finger myself to greater heights, I hear him groaning loudly.  From the volume, he's going to start spurting any second now.  My own climax is fast approaching, and I start to rock on the arm of the couch as my moaning increases.  Over the phone, he gives a final "Oh, God," and all is still.  I reach over and flip the phone closed, turning off his soundtrack as I buck against my own fingers in orgasm.


I have a written story that needs a little editing... predator becomes the prey... that will be posted soon

A story idea percolating.. neighbor voyeurism... should be fun

And another Master/Slave thing in my head, too.  Will have to run it by the Master.

So, don't despair.
There will be reading material soon
knightofpassion gave me the letter L... so I have to post ten things that I like that start with the letter L.

So here goes.

Lola  No, I'm not the dominatrix type at all.  And I've never actually seen Damn Yankees.  But there is just something so hot and intoxicating about a women so completely reveling in her power over men, and unashamed to use it.

Limericks  How can you not like Limericks?  They're so fun and jaunty, and most of the time so deliciously dirty that I can't help hooting with laughter.

Llywelyn, Morgan The author who introduced me to the Celtic world that still holds an incredible fascination for me. 

Liberty Perhaps this a strange one for a slave.  It's not the kind of Liberty that yearns to be free from the Master.  It's the kind of freedom that you have in being able to be truly you, whoever that you is.

Leather Ha!  I know what your first thought probably was, and no.  That's not it.  I ran across a guy in Atlantic City that put his arm around me, and he had on the softest leather jacket I have ever felt.  It was like butter.  I could curl up naked in a blanket made of that stuff.  mmmmmmm.

Lost Souls The exquisite torment, and the possibility of redemption.

Lather Nothing like warm, soapy lather clinging to your body, then running down your curves as the shower rinses it off.

Levity Better than laughter, because Levity suggests a state of being, as opposed to just an action.

Laboratory So many possibilities... creations of science or fantasy... true and fictional... I loved the practical part of chemistry class.  The formulas and the math part of it, not so much.  But mixing things, and almost dropping the bottle that we had collected hydrogen in because my lab partner screamed when the match that she held under it caused the tiny explosion.  Priceless.

Love's terrible other side "Only on love's terrible other side is found the place where lion and lamb abide."  Madeleine L'Engle.  The first book in my life that I had to actually put down after reading one line, just to absorb all the implications.  "Aunt Olivia shot Ronnie.  She shot him through the heart."  The  book that taught me that love is more than just romance and flowers.  It is pain and suffering as well.

dear Knight, I hope this meets with your approval.
To everyone.. if you comment, I will give you a letter.

I've yet to come up with that...

but in the meantime.. enjoy...

It is a lovely summer’s day, and I’m out shopping the farmer’s market that sets up in the middle of town once a week. I roam among the makeshift stalls set up on collapsible tables and the tailgates of trucks. At one I pick some fresh tomatoes and basil, another a bouquet of flowers. I stop to buy and eat some fresh strawberries from another.
Finally satisfied that I have the ingredients to cook my Master a wonderful dinner, I start walking back towards the nest he keeps me in. It will take me there quicker if I cut through the alley behind the restaurants along the square, which I do almost out of habit, not thinking of anything happening to me in the middle of the day.
Halfway down a hand clasps over my mouth, and an arm wraps strongly around my waist. My purchases scatter across the alley as my bags drop to the pavement. A strong body presses against me from behind, trapping me against the wall, and I can feel the cock already beginning to harden against my lower back.
“My sweet, beautiful slave,” Master voice rasps in my ear. “Have you been a good girl today?” His hand releases my mouth, and the moan that had started in fear melts into a purr as I relax and nod. The arm around my waist loosens, and then strokes up my side, reaching around front to cup and massage my breast appreciatively before drawing my arm up along the all over my head and lacing his fingers in mine, his palm on the back of my hand as he secures my hand to the wall. The other hand meanwhile, has traveled down my waist, and his fingers gather the material of my skirt, slowly lifting it until I feel the gentle brush of fresh air across my pussy. He pulls the skirt to my waist, and tucks the loose material into the waistband to keep it out of his way. Then, he spreads my legs, his fingers toying with my pussy that is already slick with the sweat of walking on a warm summer’s day.
“Mmmm, you are a good girl, my sweet little slut,” he tells me, one finger exploring the depths of my warmth and pulling a sigh that yearns for more from my lips. “mmhmm,” Master purrs in my ear as he hears that sigh. “I know, you want my cock, and you are ready for my cock as every good slave should be.” His hand pulls away, and I hear the sound of his zipper, then his hand lifts my knee up high against the wall, and I feel the hardness of his cock grinding between my cheeks as he warms himself up. I start to reach the free hand down, but he lets go of my knee, knowing I’ll keep it there where he’s placed it, and traps my hand.
“No, my little cockwhore,” he murmurs in my ear. “I know how much you love to touch my body, and my cock. But this is about me, right now. My pleasure. My right to use you as I wish.” A small moan of protest and disappointment at being denied gurgles deep in my throat, and suddenly I feel the sting of his palm on my bare ass. I squeal and push myself against the wall, my knee scraping a little on the bricks as it slides suddenly. “You wish to disobey your Master?” he asks sternly, another sharp slap bringing another squeal and jerk of my body against the wall.
“No, Master,” I gasp. Another slap.
“I’m not sure I believe you,” the stern voice continues. “Make me believe you.” I can’t see it, but I know the hand is raised, ready to deliver another punishment if I don’t comply.
“Never would I wish to disobey.” I assure quickly. “I am your Slave. My only wish is to please you, and your will is my will.” The muscles in my rear tense as I wait to see if my supplication is enough. There is silence, and then the hand gently caresses the red marks it’s already left.
“That’s my good little slut,” he breathes in my ear. “Give me a taste of those strawberries,” he demands, and I don’t have time to utter the surprise of the realization of how long he’s been watching me. His lips and tongue suddenly devour my mouth, savagely reminding me of who owns who, while his hand squeezes the red cheek.
“Who do you belong to?” he growls in my ear as he releases my mouth.
“You, Master” I gasp.
I feel the throbbing head of his cock at my entrance as he places his hand under my knee to hold my pussy spread wide for him.
“Who’s will do you obey at all times?”
“Yours, Master,” I gasp again, trying not to allow my desire to thicken my answers as I feel him so close to me.
“Who’s desire is to be fulfilled?” he demands, circling his hips so that the head of his cock teases deliciously at my hole. I bite my lips to control the moan of pleasure and yearning that wants to escape.
“My Master’s, only Master’s,” I say, striving to keep my tone subservient and devoid of desire.
“Who is going to cum hard inside your hot, tight little pussy?” his cock starts penetrate the first inch of my warmth, causing my neck to tense as I stifle my vocal chords.
“You are, Master!”
“Are you going to cum today, my little slut?” the question is asked dangerously soft. With a gulp, I shake my head, hoping I answer this last, and most important question correctly.
“No, Master.” I murmur.
A sudden thrust upward that almost lifts me off my feet as he plunges his cock all the way slams me against the wall. “That’s right, my sweet cockwhore. Although I enjoy hearing you cum, you need to be reminded that you cum at my wish, not yours.”
As if to drive the lesson home, he begins to move inside me in the ways he knows I find most pleasurable, driving my body wild with desires that I am not allowed to indulge lest he visit the worse punishment on me of all. I bite down hard on my lip, clawing the brick underneath my fingers as I struggle against the unbearable urge to cum. Finally, when I think I can take no more, I feel him swelling inside me, and I know he’s about to release, and my body tries even harder to betray me. I feel the muscles inside me wanting to squeeze that explosion out of him, but with one final scream of rage against my own self, I contain it as my Master jerks inside me, spurting his cum in successive waves until he is empty.
Then his weight crushes me silently against the wall as he recovers in deep, gasping breaths. He doesn’t say a word as he finally slips out, pulling some of his seed with him when he puts his cock away in his pants. He untucks my skirt and smoothes it down to hide the wetness dribbling out. I stand there shivering, my forehead leaning against the wall as I don’t dare to turn around to him.
Finally, he turns me around, and tips my chin up towards him. “Jada,” he says quietly, capturing my attention. “You are not to cum for the rest of the day, do you understand?” he asks firmly. “Not by another cock if one happens to find you on the way home, and not by your own hand. You are not to cum until tomorrow.” I nod. “Is this clear?” he persists, his fingers tightening slightly on my chin.
“Yes, Master,” I choke out from between dry lips.
He nods. “Good. Now pick up your things and go home.”
It is inspired by my Master, and about my Master.
So, yes, I have permission from my Master to post it.

It's my first of this kind, so I hope that you guys enjoy it.

In this scenario, Faust is a restaurant owner.

It's a trendy restaurant, high end and popular. Only open for dinners. When the blinds are open on the windows they look out to the trees in the park, where the leaves are just starting to turn color for the autumn.
When I enter, the staff is just being dismissed from it's meeting to the kitchen to prepare for the night. Everyone goes back, as the front of house is already set, and doesn't need any more attention. Faust rises when he sees me, looking over my attire. I've dressed simply, which is usual. A black pencil skirt with a beige turtleneck sweater, not skin tight, but tight enough to show off the figure that pleases him so much. I've chosen to wear my knee high black leather boots with the solid heels for walking since I declined to take a cab on a such a beautiful day.
He puts his folders back down, and then beckons me over to table off to the side. He watches me closely, and then steps around behind me.
He pulls out a chair and sits down, close. His hands go to my knees, fluttering lightly along the back of them, and then to the outside, to slowly push up my skirt. It soon begins to bunch up around my waist and appreciative sound rumbles deep in his throat. "Good girl," he says, as he sees I have obeyed his order to never wear panties when I am wearing a skirt. His hands play with my ass, kneading the firm roundness with appreciation. We hear the phone ringing but he ignores it. He stands behind me, hands on my hips as his leg slides between mine to spread my legs. Then one hand reaches between my legs, fingers expertly teasing and opening the folds of my slit that is already heating up.
A waiter comes out with the cordless, and looks over in our direction.
"Yes?" Fausts asks casually, as he moves a finger forward to brush against my clit because he knows it will make me gasp.
The waiter smirks holds up the phone. "The Spencers called in a reservation for four at 8:30?"
Faust nods to maitre'd stand. "You know where to write it," he tells the young man, his fingers expertly eliciting a groan from me. As the waiter walks over to write on the seating chart, Faust leans forward and asks in my ear, "what do you think of him?"
"He's young," I gasp.
"You're thinking of his cock, aren't you?" he purrs in my ear. I nod, licking my dry lips. "You're thinking how much you'd like to suck on it, wrap those lips around it and lick it, aren't you my little cockwhore?"
I nod again. "I want to suck his cock," I moan softly, but loud enough for the waiter to hear.
"I thought so." He looks over to the waiter, his countenance thoughtful. "However, I can't very well have you wearing my staff out before work," he says, thrusting a finger suddenly deep into my pussy so that I cry out. The waiter looks up as he finishes writing. "But after work, I'm sure it would be a nice way for him to relax after a long night." The waiter looks at my face, already flushed and beginning to pant from the ministrations of Faust's hand. "What do you say?" Faust asks the greedy eyes looking me over, stealing a glance down to where the skirt is bunched up and the fingers are busy working me over. "Would you like to have my girl here suck your cock after work tonight?" It's obvious the lad can scarcely believe his good luck. He licks his lips hungrily and nods. "Good." With a curt nod from Faust, the dismissed waiter scurries back to the kitchen.
I wonder how many people will now be gathering in the little office out back to watch in the security camera.
After the door closes, Faust plunges another finger in my pussy, and his thumb presses on my little asshole.
"Good girl," he breathes in my ear. "You're going to suck his cock for me to watch, aren't you? You're going to suck him with those cock-loving lips of yours, and take him deep into your throat for me to see." I nod once, moaning as his thumb begins to press inside.
"Yes, I'm going to suck him so that cums harder than he ever has before," I promise.
And then I give a little cry of pleasure, followed by dismay as his thumb enters my ass and is quickly withdrawn. He chuckles. "You like that, don't you?" I whimper longingly as I nod. "Well, if you're a good girl, and do as well as you promise with our young waiter tonight, perhaps I'll fill your tight little ass with my cock, would you like that?"
I nod. "Yes, please!"
He nods. "As for right now, I can let such a moist, warm pussy go to waste, can I?" and the hand that isn't in my pussy reaches up between my shoulder blades to inexorably bend me over the table in front of me. Once my elbows are resting on the white table cloth on either side of the place setting, his hand travels up to the back of my neck, imprisoning me as he suddenly switches out his fingers for his huge cock that I didn't even know was out yet. I cry out louder than I have so far.
Faust has no more words for me, anymore. Now his cock is sliding into my pussy with long strokes, leaving almost completely before sliding slowly back in, because he knows how much it teases me. He knows how much I want his entire cock buried in my hole, so he takes his time giving it to me. I'm beginning to pant on the table, moaning and whimpering with longing each time I am less than full. Then I hear his groan, and his strokes begin to increase in speed. His other hand is firmly gripping my hip as his cock uses my pussy, slamming hard and fast as I feel it swelling. I start to moan in earnest as my own pleasure starts to mount. I bite my lips and hold on until I can feel him starting to spurt inside me, which is my permission to finally let go and let my spasms take over, to finish pulling his cum out of him as I clench my jaw on the scream that whines against my teeth.
His fingers tighten on the turtleneck of my sweater, and then he lets go, his hands coming to brace himself on either side of me on the table.
"Such a good little cockwhore you are, Jada," he breathes in my ear.
Absolutely cannot help bragging that she had a wonderful night spent pleasing her Master.

He was pleased.
He told me so.

I am sure that stories will abound again soon.
It's been an incredibly long time since I've been here.
Many reasons...
very busy summer, and the let down from that I was pretty ill.
But most of all...
I just didn't have it.
The creative spark wasn't there.
I couldn't come up with anything substantial enough for a story. Just... masturbation material.

I started MUSHing again. Not adult MUSH.. it seemed whenever I logged on there I couldn't find any action. No one else ever seemed to be logged on.
It was in another MUSH that through page talk I found My Master.
I was surprised to be able to find an individual that understood my need for domination rather than subjugation to bring out the best in me.
He has also relit the spark, and the fire is starting to burn again.
I should be writing again soon... I am hoping that after he reads this LJ he will begin demanding that I write about certain things.

Kajed, I didn't sit on my dildo while writing a fantasy yet, although I wouldn't surprised if My Master instructs me to do so sometime soon.
But I did sit on it while talking to him, and having him tell me what to do and when I could cum.
It waas amazing.