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jadafaustine's Journal

24 May 1970
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Sex... pure and simple... or not so pure.
What turns me on, what makes me hot, what makes me masturbate...
most of my entries... probably 99% of them are geared towards that end...
putting the thoughts in my head that make me horny in type so that I can barely keep my fingers out of my pussy and off my clitoris by the time I reach the end...
then to have them to read later so I can touch myself all over again at my leisure.

So far I have four "Fausts" that I fantasize about on a regular basis.
Young Faust, who is an LJ user I've seen pictures of and talked to a bit.
Computer Nerd Faust, who I used to serve coffee to and flirt with on a regular basis.
Fireman Faust, a friend that I know is as sexually exploratory as I am.
Trainer Faust, my personal trainer.
other Fausts have/will make one time appearances, such as co-worker Faust in one entry.

I should put a footnote that I prefer not to look at pictures... they sometimes spoil my imagination.
I may provide a couple pictures in my userpics, though. Still undecided.